Scott Witt - Senior Minister

Scott Witt - Senior Minister - Gateway Christian ChurchScott completed his undergraduate schooling at Purdue University. There he was involved in the Christian Campus House; this was a student fellowship and Scott’s ideal church. During his senior year he took a short-term mission trip to Haiti. It was on this trip he began to consider full-time Christian ministry.

The next stop for Scott was graduate school in 1988 at Cincinnati Christian Seminary. While in Cincinnati he met his wife Lynn. She was a 22-year-old widow working on her undergraduate degree in Deaf Education. They married in 1989. Scott’s graduation from Seminary, first ministry, and their first child, Sidney, took place in the year 1990. Their first ministry was with First Christian Church in Jackson, Tennessee. It was a good ministry which continued for three years. They completed their family with Luke in 1992.

A nearby orphanage became the next ministry opportunity. It seemed God was pointing them in this direction and they left First Christian Church to work for Youthtown of Tennessee in Pinson, TN. The position was part-time house parenting. However, a local evangelizing association called them to start a new church. The County Line Christian Church began with just their family of four. Over the next 3 years it grew to a group in the thirties. This was great growth for a part-time minister and no budget! The work with the orphanage was difficult. The average stay for house parents was less than a year. After three years, they knew it was time to move on.

During this same time, one of the churches that was supported by the before-mentioned small evangelizing association was looking for their first youth minister. They applied for this position and got it at the St. Bethlehem Christian Church in Clarksville, TN. They soon began multiple services after their arrival and they worked in whatever capacity they were needed. This was a good ministry as well, ministering for three years there.

After a brief 7 months helping a new church plant with their worship music, Scott and Lynn were asked to join a group of 15 visionary people to begin this great adventure of Gateway Christian Church! They have been here since the church’s inception in 2000.

When asked about the best part of ministry, Scott says it is the fact that they get to work together as a family on something they believe in, which is helping people understand just how much God cares and loves each one of us.

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JR Hengehold - Student/Associate Minister and Heather Hengehold

JR Hengehold - Associate Minister - Gateway Christian ChurchJR went to Atlanta Christian College (Point University) and was a double major of Biblical Studies and Preaching.  It was on a mission’s trip to Mexico where JR was called to serve in the ministry.  JR has served as a Youth Minister, High School Minister, and served as  Head Minister before being called back to serve the Youth and Young Adults at Gateway Christian Church.  JR has coached both baseball and football while serving in ministry elsewhere.

After high school, Heather left Georgia and joined the United States Navy; where she served for 5 years as a Medical/Dental Corpsman.  Heather and JR met while she was stationed in Annapolis, MD. Heather is people person and connects incredibly well with middle and high school girls. 

Both Heather and JR have a passion for young people.  Both of their Christian walks happened later in their lives.  JR found Christ while he was a freshman in high school while Heather renewed her relationship with Christ while serving in the Navy.  It will not take long to realize that this couple loves every one of their students in their ministry.  Both Heather and JR enjoy hanging out with youth whenever they can.  They offer a judgment free environment to grow in the Lord and seek a deeper and more passionate relationship with Him.  Don’t be shy to approach any one of these leaders they love to meet new youth!  Also feel free to call or text JR or Heather anytime.

JR Cell: 931-551-5754
Heather Cell: 931-266-2320
office: 931-368-0515
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Stacie Miller - Children's Ministry

Stacie Baldwin - Children's Ministry - Gateway Christian ChurchStacie grew up in the small southeastern Illinois town of Grayville. She received a bachelor and Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Logan College of Chiropractic (Logan University).  She worked in that position for 13 years until she began to realize that her call to help people was taking her in a different direction. 
Having volunteered in various ministries throughout the years with children of all ages, she jumped at the opportunity to serve in full time ministry. She thanks God for the chance to serve with her Gateway Christian Church family.
Stacie looks forward to continuing the Kidzone’s purpose of making learning the Bible engaging and relatable for all children from the nursery through elementary school. She also wants to be a bridge between the children and the international missions work Gateway Christian Church supports.
Feel free to contact Stacie if you have any questions or concerns about the children’s program or ways you can be involved.
Proverbs 22:6 Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.


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Lynn Witt - Worship Minister

Lynn Witt - Worship Minister - Gateway Christian Church - Clarksville, TNLynn has been singing in church since she was 2 years old. Back then in the late 1960’s Vernon Harris from Hillsboro, Ohio would hold her up so the audience could see her while she sang.

After graduating high school she married a young preacher and singer named Joe Bennett from Delaware. They traveled America conducting local and statewide youth conventions, Christian Camps, State Christian Conventions and church events.

After Joe’s untimely death in September of 1985, Lynn began working on her undergraduate degree in Deaf Education at Cincinnati Christian University. It was there that she met Scott Witt. They married in 1989 and have worked in a variety of ministries together ever since.

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